This site, in its totality, is intended to display the individual contents of an ebook dedicated to why people serve in our military.   The context of the subject matter are the Marines, Sailors, and families of Golf Company, Second Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, whom I had the extreme honor to serve with between 2003-2005.  The bond that was built between us was forged in the proving fires of combat while defending our country together as brothers. I will forever be proud of my association with the individuals who were part of Golf.

I have said it before, and I will say it many times again: I will go to my grave in awe of the things I saw these Marines and Sailors do on a daily basis.  Their excellence in the prosecution of mission after mission became mere expectation.   Their love for each other, demonstrated in small and large ways, became a model in team dynamics I have not witnessed since.  And the almost quiet desperation in which they wanted to serve and do something meaningful for their country should serve as the launch point for any serious future discussion on civic duty.

Please take in the Preface first, followed by the Introduction and then the following chapters, which will be shared as blog posts, with each new post representing an individual chapter of the book.

I trust you will enjoy this.   The individuals highlighted in each of the chapters are incredible people, and heroes of our country.  I hope that I can come remotely close to conveying just how amazing they are.

Adam Holton